"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Friday, October 31, 2014

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics."
Benjamin Disraeli
When the public finally decides that the Emperor has no clothes, it becomes impossible to find a tailor to fix the problem.  In a somewhat  similar vein, Casey Stengel the first manager of the hapless New York Mets once asked plaintively of the team "Can't anyone here play this game?"
Today America is full of both Casey Stengel's and aroused,angry skeptics pointing out the President is incompetent and naked to boot. His incompetence however is merely a cover for his lying. Our politics have always been full of liars coupled to a partisan  press who reports on them in ways that enable their lying.  We have always had a free press but it has not always been an honest press. 
Today with the technical capacity to deliver massive information  to the average person there is ironically a growing tuning out and turning off on the part of far too many citizens.  Past generations had what would be arrogantly determined today as a sub-standard or limited education emanating out of one room school houses or the early public schools sans any teachers union.  These however produced a well informed and comparatively sophisticated educated class that could  follow and understand complex legal, political and economic arguments  on a level  and in numbers you would not find today.  Now the information overload and ideological social justice propaganda disguised as factual knowledge has in fact made far too many people ignorant. 
The cultural hype that echoes  and sustains this travesty in subtle and insidious ways have also given the pathological liars of politics an open field with few defensive tacklers.  Lincoln once said "You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!".  But today there is a sinking and forlorn feeling that we are close to if not arrived at an "all of the people...all of the time " moment in our public affairs.
Virtually everything that comes out of the white house or the Democratic Party at all levels  now needs to be fact checked by the Washington Post to see how many "Pinocchios" they deserve.   This due in large part to a President who came to adulthood being told he is brilliant, infallible and perfect.  He has surrounded himself with so many "yes" people that the word "no" has been banished to the "terra incognita" where they sent "Islamic terrorism". 
He and his party lie about war and peace, health and sickness, God and man, citizens and aliens, humans and the environment, friends and enemies, and good and evil.  Their lies are about such basic, essential and deeply personal issues that the only curiosity that remains is why it has taken so long for he and they to be exposed? 
It has become so bad for him  that even his fellow Democratic prevaricators  shun him for fear of  defeat by association.  The Democratic senator from Alaska, Mr. Begich goes so far  as to say that the President is now irrelevant which has to be the unkindest cut of all for a narcissist with a self declared mandate to heal the world while his words say one thing and his actions say quite another.  He has become the first President in the history of the nation that requires a personal polygraph  along with his TelePrompTer when he make public statements.
We are less than a week away from a vital mid term election.  We have to take the country back and clean up the cess pool that the professional political class have created and tried to sell as  democracy.  In God's name go vote to save the nation...go vote  to save yourselves...go vote to save future generations!  You have been persistently and cruelly been made the victims of untruths, half truths, calumnies, mendacities, disinformation, deceptions, fabrications, fictions and falsehoods  and maybe when the truth become so elusive as to be almost non-existent, that's why you feel your life sucks...maybe that's why over 60% of you feel that's there's no future for you or your kids...maybe it's because of all those lies...lies about big things and little things that never seem to end...those damn lies!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


The American public is anxious over the spread of Ebola (EVD) within the U.S. because our officials are creating that anxiety.
As Peggy Noonan wrote in last Saturday's Wall Street Journal, "Who do they think we are?"  Are we children, idiots, simpletons, schmucks?
For example authorities should have to once and for all either logically and cogently explain how containing and treating EVD in Africa but allowing people to travel from the Hot Zone to other parts of the world makes any common sense or just shut up!
Calming public nervousness and effectively treating and containing the virus actually require doing and communicating the same things.  If new Ebola Czar Ron Klain has the power, the intelligence and the will to accomplish this, then he will be the man of the hour.  If he does not then he will be what so many now think him to be, just a political hack  with phony authority designed  to protect  the Presidents political ass by any means necessary.
So that's the first  issue to address i.e. how an adult  with an  important title who doesn't even report directly to the President (in order to give Obama plausible deniability) will be able to cut through the political White House crap and become the Patton of this war and then have the balls to seize the necessary legal powers and not to be blocked or undermined   by the incompetent, malicious and vicious hacks that dominate the beltway. 
The second issue which must be addressed swiftly and comprehensively is  to stop the influx of passengers from the three hardest hit West African countries by either/and visa denial, a 21 to 42 day quarantine  in the country of departure  before being allowed to travel here if they are virus or symptom free.  African countries are shutting their borders and best practices of diagnosis, containment and treatment can be learned from Nigeria, the Congo, Senegal and Cameroon for starters.  Isn't interesting however how the homicidal PC left aren't calling these countries racist for closing their borders and cutting off travel? 
Additionally, why should anyone believe that non-medical personnel at American airports with temperature devices constitute  safe or valid  protection when travelers could be asymptomatic or have taken a fever suppressant and/ or lied on their questionnaires?  
In that regard the common belief is that Mr. Duncan lied on his entry questionnaire  about having any personal direct contact with an Ebola victim.  His relatives deny this and say he told the truth.  If he and they are right, then how did he contract Ebola? 
The third issue is to de-politicize this  epidemic so that it doesn't dissolve into the circus that actually ended by killing people during the opening years of the AIDS/HIV crisis.  Quarantines  and travel bans are not racist or discriminatory.  People who want to demonstrate their stupidity and score cheap political points at the expense of people's lives should be ignored and shunned for the jackals that they are.  
The fourth  issue is to answer basic questions about the crisis in a candid and forthright manner so that the public which is smarter than this administration, no longer knows it is being lied to or treated like morons and that it has accurate and the most up to date information.
For example...How did the two nurses get Ebola?...
Were they dressed in proper protective gear?...
Did they suit up and suit down properly?...
If their protective clothing was not optimum then what is?...
What strain is this outbreak of Ebola?  One source says it is a new strain which is 97% similar to Ebola Zaire. Today there are five sub-strains, (Zaire, Bundibugyo, Sudan, Reston and Taï Forest ). four of which are transmitted to humans by direct contact with bodily fluids and one (Reston EVD) which is primarily contacted by primates or animals by air born means.  So is this a new strain, a mutated old strain or totally new and can non air born strains mutate and become air born?  Can the Reston strain mutate and begin to infect humans?  What animals besides fruit bats are or can be carriers of or be infected by EVD.
What exactly is the incubation period?...The CDC say 21 days but the WHO says it may be as long as 42 days...
What constitutes being asymptomatic?...
What constitutes being symptomatic?...a slight fever... one bout of vomiting or diarrhea ...?
What will our military and other volunteers be doing in the Hot Zone and how will they be protected there  and we protected here when they return?  Already conspiracy theories are in play that assigning National Guard troops in country is a pretext to later using them  for crowd control and martial law domestically should the virus get out of control.  Such is the lack of trust in Barack Obama today!...
Can sputum, sneezing, sweat or phlegm carry the virus in an infectious way?  Again some say spit can't contain the virus and others say don't come into contact with it,  Another rumor flying around is that cold weather can make the virus air born.  These need to be addressed and answered. ...
Exactly what surfaces can contain and sustain the virus for infectious purposes and how long can the infectious virus live on these surfaces?...
General Kelly of the Southern Command has publicly warned of illegals with Ebola crossing the porous Southern border with Mexico.  In point of fact there have been press reports of Liberian nationals being identified in Nicaragua waiting for transportation north to the U.S.. Are we finally going to close our deadly southern border?...
How safe and effective is self quarantine?...
How is it being monitored?...
What is necessary to make it as fool proof as possible?  Typhoid fever started with a cook and AIDS started with Patient Zero.  Viruses like Ebola expand exponentially and always with the threat of mutation...
Lastly there is no known cure for Ebola so early identification is critical.   Will work on vaccines or use of drugs already in use abroad but not approved here be speeded  through the FDA bureaucratic  maze in order to save lives if need be?...
Political Correctness and bureaucratic inertia is in reality more deadly than Ebola itself.  Without vanquishing them, it will be the same as if there were a deliberate effort to spread Ebola in this country because doing what we have been doing to date would be the most efficient  way to accomplish this.  This would be death by Political Correctness, the inevitable result of madness over science and something many of us have been predicting would happen for many years.
Since the first version of this was written, we now have a Doctor who worked with EVD patients in Guinea now diagnosed and in isolation at Bellevue Hospital.  He was in NYC for at least 6 days before he presented symptoms on Thursday with a fever of either 103 or 101.3 or 100.3.  Again basic facts are not rock solid.  He also had diarrhea and isolated himself  in his apartment until FDNY staff in protective clothing could take him into quarantine.  The night before he had traveled on three subway lines, taken an UBER cab with his fiancee and two friends, gone to two bowling allies, and ate out in a restaurant.  While he did not present distinct symptoms  until Thursday, he began feeling fatigued as early as Tuesday.  The lesson learned here is that he should have been in quarantine in Guinea for 21 days before being allowed to leave to fly home.  Governors Cuomo and Christie have now superceded the Federal Government and mandated  a quarantine for any travelers from the affected countries.  In addition Mali has now reported its first case of EVD. 
News reports are that nurses at Bellevue are calling in sick at greater than normal numbers.

Friday, October 24, 2014

When Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown, the Royal Fife and Drum played a tune called "The World Turned Upside Down".

The greatest military machine of the 18th century had been defeated by a colonial rag tag fighting force which had been turned into an inspired and effective army.  The world in truth had been flipped over!
Today as the planet and in particular the United States descends into paralytic despondency, "We the People" are taking the brunt of incompetence beyond imagination born out of arrogance or outright malice.
Whether it is the incomprehensible policies on treating and containing Ebola, fighting Islamic terror in general, degrading and destroying ISIS in particular, deliberate policies and actions to keep the economy stagnant and make good paying jobs disappear or the unilateral disarmament of our military, the world  we have known and trusted is disintegrating before our eyes.
Our popular and political cultures have become our mortal enemies, celebrating every possible appetite that will spiritually, psychologically or physically devour us as individuals and as a people.  When the radical progressive left makes moral issues political issues, it is an attempt through fraudulent "legal" means to silence their opponents.  It becomes a thinly disguised attempt to extinguish religion,  religious believers and patriots by making them 2nd class citizens or worse...bigots  or criminals.  This has become a major front in the war against "We the People".
Our political leadership assaults us on multiple battlefields...
religion by atheists with the support of progressive courts...patriotism and love of country  mocked and derided as jingoism...dependency  promoted and instantly gratified.  Our educational system wallows in anti-American bile and PC propaganda making our children both ignorant and seditious. 
Immigration and climate change have become simply other strategies for Democratic Party political hegemony.  The Southern Border has become so porous that people, many who are minors, with major health problems, terrorists, drugs and possible carriers of Ebola come across almost at will.
In foreign and military affairs we are no longer respected or feared.
If we are to upright the "Ship of State" we must face the distinct possibility that everything we have suffered and everything we continue to suffer has been deliberate.  There is simply too much evidence for it to be mere incompetence or sheer coincidence.
Today in Houston Texas, city lawmakers and the Lesbian Mayor believe they have the power to subpoena Clergy  and demand among other things that they clear their sermons and homilies with the government.  Where in God's name do they believe that they have either the power or the legal or moral right to do this?  The world has truly turned upside down!

Friday, October 17, 2014


(with apologies to Charles Dickens )

Washington D. C. and New York City are capitals. One of the nation and the other of the world. What happens in either has enormous impact on people far removed from those who actually live there. With their access to political, economic and cultural power, they set things in motion for everyone else and often what they set in motion is not good.

In both D.C. and NYC the inmates are running the asylum. Standards, laws, rules and regulations are now subject to the whim of those in charge. In both cities the governments are run by zealots who dislike law and order, capitalism, religion with the exception of Islam, conservatives, educational choice, tax cuts, non union workers, Israel, the military, cops, free market health care, energy provided through coal, gas, nuclear and oil, counter terrorism and the Constitution for starters.

In Washington, President Obama has crippled the economic, military and political power of the United States. He has done everything possible to create a socialist nation that is not the freest or the strongest nation on the globe. He has undermined the rule of law and the Constitution and used the agencies of government to attack and punish his enemies. His Health Care, tax, budget and energy policies have made most Americans poorer save the wealthiest 1% whom he rails against and then solicits money from.
His administration is inept, amateurish,incompetent, ideologically driven, prone to thuggery, illegal activities, race baiting, using dual standards for friends and enemies and unable or unwilling to solve the real problems of real people.

His handling of the IRS , Benghazi, Ebola, ISIS, ObamaCare, the Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran, immigration, energy and Syria and Iraq are just a few examples of a man who through his own ineptitude or willful design has now built a scaffold to hang himself on as the country burns. To be fair he did not do this alone he had the help of a Democratic Party comprised of people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who has castrated the Senate and not allowed even bi-partisan bills to see the light of day. Congress does not function because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid don't want it to. If it did they would not be able to blame the Republicans any more.

Friday, October 10, 2014


High School students in Jefferson County Colorado are up in arms over an Advanced Placement History Curriculum that wants to promote patriotism, the benefits of free enterprise and the cessation of promoting civil disorder and instead stressing civic responsibility. For many in the media this has been deemed "controversial" and Media Matters for America, a progressive, left wing Soros funded entity which blames Fox News for this controversy, has moved in to ratchet up the discontent over efforts to stimulate love of country. 
These students are pawns yet again in the multi generational crusade to portray the U. S. as a bad country and the source of evil both domestically and in foreign affairs. 
Advocates for the new curriculum say historic figures such as Franklin, Jefferson, Martin Luther King and Madison are currently minimized while the wars against the Indians, the Black Panther Party, slavery (without any mention of the Gettysburg Address) and the dropping of the A bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are prominent. In fact the question is asked with regard to the latter "Does this makes you question the values of America!" 
Are these people kidding? Do they have any historical perspective or knowledge whatsoever as to what the country had gone through during WW II or the bloody sacrifices to free black Americans in bondage of the American Civil War? It is difficult to impossible to believe they  want balance or objectivity. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Recently Bill Maher of all people, challenged Charlie Roses's understanding of Islam which charitably put was sort of like Baptists and Muslims were cut from the same theological cloth.  Maher demolished Rose and exposed an all too common intellectual laziness that both liberals and progressives demonstrate on a consistent basis.  Simply put they are guilty of either willful or woeful ignorance.
Willful ignorance is a state of mind where ideology is substituted for reality and thus bad things happen.  Woeful ignorance is when people are badly educated (often by ideologues) and when they become active in the real world...bad things happen.  In either event those suffering from either are seemingly comfortable in their own ignorance. 
Academia today is an intellectual cesspool masquerading as a font of knowledge which indulges adolescent utopian fantasies divorced from the human condition.  Since the academic elite have an anti-America bent, its message is that the world is a mess because of rich, white, male, straight, religious Americans who stole everything they have from the "have nots".   In other words behind every "bank account" there is now a great crime! This has become the monolithic launch pad for "being educated and credentialed" for far too many of the leaders of tomorrow who cannot distinguish propaganda for fact.
Generations of  impressionable young people beginning in the sixties, have created a vivid false reality which is buttressed daily by celebrities and the media and which causes them not to recognize evil when it stares them in the face.  In this false universe they proceed to elect incompetent poseurs who parrot feel good slogans but who are incapable of solving problems.
All too often their causes degenerate into pseudo-religions because they cannot be defended in either the arenas  of either faith or reason.  Climate change and global warming come to mind.  Both have computer models that omit vital data and all too often are gamed to provide conclusions that fit a pre-established narrative and an improvable therm which in reality is not science  but  dogma.

Friday, September 26, 2014


The new war began with bombing on  Monday evening at 9:26 PM EST.   Twenty sites around Raqqa, the northern Syrian  which serves as the capital for the Islamic State, were hit by air strikes from the U.S., Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates assisted by Qater.
These strikes included the use of B-1 Bombers, F-16 and F-18 fighter jets, F-22 stealth Raptors, Predator Drones and Tomahawk Missiles fired from off shore aircraft carriers such as the USS Arleigh Burke.
The U.S. alone attacked positions in Eastern Syria held by the al-Qaeda affiliated Khorasan Front from Central Asia who were using these sites as staging areas for terrorist attacks on commercial passenger jets and the American homeland.
And so the war began and the question remains what is next?
First... almost every military person either serving or retired who has commented on the President's strategy has stated that ground troops are necessary to achieve the degradation and destruction of ISIS.  Therefore how fast will we get to this stage and whose boots will be on the ground?   
Second...where are the other Muslim and Arab nations in this fight?  The President and Secretary of State Kerry have done "yeoman's work" in getting Sunnis to fight other Sunnis but some big regional actors are missing.
Where is Egypt and where is Turkey which after all is a member of NATO?  Turkey has been non-committal and reluctant to engage ISIS which it has assisted in the past.  Turkey also has the largest standing army in the area but has said that its hesitancy was due to forty Turkish nationals including the Turkish Consul General being held captive in Mosul.  They have now been released and the elusive and slippery Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, continues to dodge. 


Barack Obama ploughs ahead, oblivious to reality and common sense.  He politicizes the Ebola plague and sends 3000 "boots on the ground" to West Africa which is far more than he is sending to Iraq and Syria.  A new crisis every week continues apace! 
The Democratic party has become the progressive/ social justice/ socialist party comprised of victim groups towards which they claim, Republicans, Conservatives and the "Tea Party" are constantly at war with.  The politically correct/ multicultural screed they practice separates Americans from one another by race, gender, age, income, language, religion or the lack there of, sexual preference, ethnicity and disability and is their perpetual campaign platform.  Then they lie and make things up.  Democrats are not merely the pied pipers of dissolution but are really the main problem as they march in lockstep and tear the country asunder.
Obama and his underlings display an unbelievable lack of cohesion as he , his Secretaries of State and Defense, National Security Advisor, Press Secretary, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and other Generals present dramatically different versions of what the mission is against ISIS.
The coalitions he spoke of as if they were a "fait accompli" are simply not!  Instead he pleads with a reluctant  if not duplicitous, undefined group who will wait and see how committed this President is to "degrading and  destroying" the most evil entity since the Nazi Party.

Friday, September 19, 2014


The day after the President of the United States gave his first wartime speech, 13 years into America's long march against Islamic extremism, his Secretary of State declared we were not at war with ISIS but “What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counter-terrorism operation, and it's going to go on for some period of time". 

This confusion was echoed by Susan Rice and Marie Harf and contradicted by Josh Ernest at the White House and at the Pentagon.  It seemed lost on some that Obama was basing his authority to go to war without Congressional authority on the 2001 and 2003 resolutions against al-Qaeda.  The 2001 resolution mentioned "war" four times and the 2003 mentioned it nine times.

This was followed by the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond telling reporters at a news conference in Berlin: Let me be clear; Britain will not be taking part in any air strikes in Syria."  He said London won't be "revisiting" the issue after Parliament decided last year against participating in air strikes.  Number 10 Downing Street then had to walk that back by saying that P.M. David Cameron had not yet decided on air strikes.  (However after the Saturday release of a You Tube video of the decapitation of British aid worker, David Cawthorne Haines,  that could change dramatically.)

It all went down hill after that with Germany stating that they were not yet in the coalition followed by Turkey and then Saudi Arabia announcing that their contribution would be only the training of the Syrian Free Army on Saudi territory.

Friday it got worse with the CIA in a surprise release stating that ISIS had grown by as much as 300% since June and now numbered between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters in the terror army.  This would make ISIS the 76th largest army out of 106 forces in the world.  It should be remembered that when they took Fallujah in the beginning of 2014 they were estimated to be around 4000 strong.

Friday, September 12, 2014


From 1997 through 2013 and beyond, over 1,400 young. white, working class girls were systematically and sexually preyed upon by gangs of older men in the northern English town of Rotherham.  The girls involved were often troubled, living in group or foster homes, often living chaotic and dysfunctional lives which made them easy marks for their predators.
Despite numerous individual reports and three official reports in 2002, 2003 and 2006, nothing significant was done by local elected and appointed officials or the local Police.  This was mainly due to the fact that the gangs of men responsible were Muslims of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Afghani origin.  Local officials,the majority of whom are from the Labour Party, repeatedly tried to avoid either racial confrontations or being labled racist or anti-Muslim.
In 2013 The Times of London did a series of investigatory articles about Rotherham which exposed the scandal.  This prompted the Rotherham Council to commission an independent report by Professor Alexis Jay who was formerly the Chief Inspector of Social Work in Scotland.  That report which was issued in August of this year has exploded like a bomb and has exposed the "Politically Correct" and "Multicultural" bias that allowed serial crimes of a horrific nature to be inflicted on young girls.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


The "Obama Zombies" as author Jason Matera labeled them in his book of the same name, are at it again.  CBS has reported that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill 1912 which directs California educators to include " the significance  of the United States electing its first African-American President" in its History and Social Science curricula.   Obama's past vocation as a "community organizer" is also to be highlighted.
Well, every curriculum needs a reading list and here are mine:  "Culture of Corruption" by Michelle Malkin; "The Amateur" by Edward Klein; "Faithless Execution" by Andrew McCarthy; "Pushback" by Rabbi Aryeh Spero; "The Roots of Obama's Rage" and "Obama's America" by Dinesh D'Souza; "Obama's Enforcer" by John Fund and Hans Von Spakowsky; "InJustice" by J. Christian Adams; "The Devil Inside the Beltway" by Michael J. Daugherty; "Liberty and Tyranny" and "Ameritopia" by Mark Levin; "After America" by Mark Steyn; "The Great Destroyer" by David Limbaugh and "Spreading the Wealth" by Stanley Kurtz.
These are but a small sample  of "Obamography", mostly critical, written with over two more years left to go in his second term.
He began his first term with young grade school  children singing North Korean type hymns to him under the guidance, of course, of union teachers.  So in six years, the "cultists" have simply taken steps to insure that grades K-12 are worshiping the worst and creepiest President in American history. 
After he leaves office (and there are those who believe that he will not leave without a fight) his successors will have the "Devil's own time"  to fix and repair all the terrible things he has done.  It remains to be seen if the Constitution and our system of government have been irreparably harmed by his acts.